Business fascinates me. It’s very creative.

Ridley Scott


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“Music goes hand in hand with other creative things.  If Adelaide is to thrive, it has to have a creative cluster. It’s musicians, it’s artists, digital companies … anyone creative.”

Martin Elbourne, Thinker in Resident, Co-Founder of Womad,

  • Passion & Purpose 100%
  • Inspiring 100%
  • Thoughtful 100%
  • Creative 100%
  • Holistic 100%

We have the ETI Difference

ETI is a values based organisation that employs and partners with people of high integrity and vision.  We live what we deliver.  We think in colour and have the following behaviours and values to guide us to excellence. The ETI Difference is PITCH perfect :

  • Passion/purpose – Our people are passionate, professional, reliable and experts in their fields because they love what they do!
  • Inspirational – We ensure that our programs are varied and meet the needs of the client and inspire excellence.
  • Thoughtful – We care about the outcome and put our customer at the centre of our business.
  • Creative – We think beyond the norms and boundaries and produce fun, sustainable and effective programs.
  • Holistic – We start with the end in mind and where our client is in their life and community.

Whether we’re working with people through music, acting and/or arts education or providing clients in small to big business with effective corporate programs we focus on our PITCH.

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